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Resorts Gateway International reviews Costa Rica as an exceptional vacation destination for its members and guests. Costa Rica offers visitors both beautiful beaches and lush tropical forests.

Many Resorts Gateway International reviews recommend members and adventurers who are ready to enjoy the ideal side of Costa Rican jungles to book a Jungle Safari

Tour that starts directly from the resorts. Touring the jungles is usually best done with experienced and knowledgeable guides that will help you enjoy the experience and answer any questions you may have.

Resorts Gateway International Reviews Costa Rica

According to many Resorts Gateway International reviews, adventure seekers have plenty of exciting options when it comes to vacation activities in Costa Rica. Visitors can enjoy ATV Tours, Kayak River Tours, and elevated drop courses that are suspended by bridges, pulleys, and other gear.


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But for those who want to enjoy a peaceful and tranquil vacation, booking a guided tour of Arenal Volcano is suggested by some Resorts Gateway International reviews. Here visitors can enjoy the natural phenomenon that splashes out ash and gas and also enjoy an in-depth tour of Colonial Grenade, the oldest European settlement in the area can be the ideal way to spend their holiday.

Outdoor Activities To Do In Costa Rica by Resorts Gateway International

Resorts Gateway International reviews also suggest that one of the major attractions of Costa Rica is its Arenal Mountain, which provides nightly fireworks shows. Super-heated water drops tumble down its flanks. Tourists can enjoy a spectacular view while relaxing in the soothing waters of its healing hot springs.


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Aside from the volcano, there are many adrenaline-pumping activities, from exploring canyons to enjoying canopy tours. Its peaceful surrounding countryside is just perfect for cycling and horse riding recreationally.

Resorts Gateway International reviews show that visitors who enjoy a guided walk should go to the spectacular Rio Celeste waterfall and watch the beautiful waterfalls cascades majestically down the cliff into light clouds and mist. At the base, visitors will find the waterfall exploding into a turquoise pool of water and be stunned by the sheer beauty of nature’s splendors.

Travelers need to be alert all the time to spot the rarest of species. This is another reason many Resorts Gateway International reviews suggest exploring with a trusted local guide. Elusive birds can be spotted all year round, and nature lovers can enjoy a wonderful holiday discovering new bird species and spotting the rarest ones any time of the year.


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Resorts Gateway International reviews suggest that nature-loving tourists should enjoy and experience Costa Rica’s eco-tours and help and support its environment, wildlife species, and habitats from damage.

By learning more about the local people and inhabitants, we can all help to protect this beautiful and diverse area for future generations to enjoy and explore.

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