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Resorts Gateway International suggests some fun family museums. Portland, Oregon, is home to several fun and educational museums for all of the family. Each museum offers a unique experience for its visitors that you won’t want to miss out on.

Pittock Mansion

Resorts Gateway International explains this was originally built as a family home for Henry and Georgiana Pittock; this beauty is home to 22 elegant rooms and an expansive outdoor garden. The mansion was initially created by Henry, the owner of The Oregonian newspaper. He started working as a typesetter at The Weekly Oregonian and eventually purchased it, becoming its publisher. He continued to expand his empire through real estate investments, banking, railroads, steamboats, and silver mining before signing the deed over to Georgiana, who continued their philanthropy. Resorts Gateway International says today the space belongs to Portland Parks & Recreation with help from the Pittock Mansion Society, which maintains the historical museum and surrounding park.

The Oregon Historical Society Museum is always fascinating to visit.

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If you’re a fan of Oregon’s history, this museum should be one of the top destinations on your list. They have a variety of exhibits to explore, including Oregon Trail: The History of Oregon’s Unsung Heroes, Life in Decline: Oregon’s Struggles during the Great Depression, and the Pillars of War: The Military Preservation Program. More than 85,000 artifacts, photos, memoirs, and books are available to document Oregon’s diverse history—from the mid-19th century to the present.

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Being the largest museum in Oregon, the Portland Art Museum holds many events and is home to various artists, from sculptors to graphic designers.

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Resorts Gateway International explains this museum has a long-standing reputation for its extensive permanent collection, including many rare works and contemporary pieces. One notable example is the painting by Vincent van Gogh. The museum has something for everyone and is home to historical and modern art collections.

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